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A GIFT with a Big Bold Bow

Motivational speakers, keynote speakers, or speakers by any other name, have about a 10%* chance of motivating, inspiring, or otherwise engaging me. It is most likely they will lose me in the first few minutes of attempting to impress me with who they know or what they have read. I’m not impressed easily. I can read and repeat too. (*That percentage may have been a few points higher before I became a Toastmaster, which reinforced a lot of my instincts about this topic and myself.)
No one was more surprised than I was when I was WOW-ed by Dr. Rick Rigsby on the final morning of a very long week of meetings. The final morning. When all we want to think about is getting home to our families and/or our own beds. The final morning. When we don’t feel like we can absorb another word. The final morning. When he took us high, he took us low, he made us laugh, and he made us cry. THAT, my friends, is IMPACT!
I am going to call Dr. Rick Rigsby “Ricky” from here on, because that is what his “Drop Out Daddy” (as he repeatedly refers to him, lovingly and respectfully) calls him. “Ricky” DEMANDED our attention and he COMMANDED the room of what I believe held over 1,000 captivated people. That is not easy. On the final morning. And we are all leaders. Busy leaders. Tired leaders.
When he said, “LOOK UP!” we did. When he said, “SAY, I AM LISTENING!” we did. Other speakers try this and fail with me. It doesn’t work. Ask the guy who recently told me, “Write this down!” and stared at me one too many times … Call me a German Taurus …
Why? Because we believed him. We trusted him. We believed he was there to share something important and we trusted him to value our time and deliver. We believed him because he was BOLD. He OWNED IT! He was not going to let us not be impacted by his words. And I am GRATEFUL.
What were his words, you may be wondering? Let’s get to them:
“Every single day the goal is to MAKE AN IMPACT,” he told us more than once. “It’s all about INFLUENCE,” he added. Not just about making an impression. He shared stories about how it is not important to just look good, but it’s important to BE GOOD. He reminded us “You can’t be a good advocate if you aren’t a good LISTENER.” He reminded us that the average person is distracted for two hours each day.
Ricky shares personal stories so personal that I am not going to share them here. They are his. And they are impactful when heard from him. His stories are from his heart and soul, and they reach right out and grab yours. (In some cases, even twist them around.) The theme of these personal accounts is “Wisdom is often wrapped in the unlikeliest of wrapping paper.” I will share two of my favorite lines wrapped in the stories of his “Daddy.” “Don’t expect others to do for you what you should be doing for yourself!” Amen. And, “Be a man. Not a black man. Not a brown man. A MAN. Excellence does not have a color!” Wow. This man could change the world. This man does.
“EXCELLENCE is dominant EVERY SINGLE DAY,” he said. He challenged us to “get caught in the act of EXCELLENCE,” by our children, our members, our communities. “You are what you repeatedly do,” he reminded us, courtesy of Aristotle. And pounded it home with, “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Several times. Because he repeats things, bold and strong, until we LISTEN.
Ricky spoke of our society being “shallow, superficial, and the dumbest.” Of how we need to examine our priorities. Put down our electronics. “LET’S FOCUS ON THE FOUNDATION OF COMMON SENSE!” (Another Amen.)
Ricky inspired us to focus on one basic that we recognize we want to change about ourselves, and then GROW OUR CAPACITY to do it. “You are all executives – ACT LIKE IT!” he boomed. (We were looking and listening now!) “If you are not growing, you aren’t stagnant, you are going backwards!” (Wow.) “Grow your capacity to impact!”
Quoting Coach Chuck Noll, a favorite line that lit up social media feeds was, “Champions don’t become champions by doing extraordinary things. Champions do ordinary things better than anyone else.” (To feel a portion of the impact we did, yell every line typed in bold here, at least twice, with all the heart and soul you have. That’s how we heard it. And we can still feel it.) “The victor is usually the one who executed the basics the best.”
My “take-aways” from this experience are numerous. The basics Ricky wanted to send us home with are:
  1) Don’t Judge. Deal with your ignorance and do not infect others.    2) Be Early. Don’t be late. Nothing but a medical emergency is an acceptable excuse.    3) Be Kind. Model this behavior every single day. “What you model may influence a generation.” “It is never wrong to do the right thing.”  4) Be a Servant. It is not all about you. “Ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.”
  5) Excellence. “Good enough isn’t good enough until it’s better. Better isn’t good enough until it’s best.”
Dr. Rick Rigsby took us high. Very high. He delivered. Then he virtually “sucker-punched” us. Some of us cried. He delivered. He shared his heart and soul. He shared his spirit and his lessons. He inspired and motivated and challenged and taught. 24 hours after I debated going to Sunday mass in an unfamiliar city, Dr. Rick Rigsby TOOK ME TO CHURCH! I am grateful to NAR, AEI and every combination of letters that brought this man and his message(s) into my life Monday morning. If you can hear him, DO! I will again. And I will listen. I promise myself. 
Denise Schultz, RCE, Lakes Area Realtors® Association

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