2017 Award Winners

2017 Rookie of the Year Award:

Mike Meadows

2017 Distinguished Service Award:

Mike Satterlee

2017 Realtor® of the Year:

Jason Woodard

2017 Affiliate of the Year:

Acker Title

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Photographed with

2018 President, Chris Ritter

Photographed with

2017 President, Mike Satterlee

Photographed with

2017 President,  Mike Satterlee


This person is this year’s Rookie of the year because, like every other newbie to the business, he is working hard to build his business. And, again, like other new Realtors, he works another job to support his family, while also selling real estate. He is willing to help another agent if they need help, he works hard for his clients, and seems to go the extra mile if needed. He served our country in the military, Afghanistan, if I’m not mistaken, and was witness to some horrible things over there. And yet he works hard every day to support his family. I believe one of his biggest goals is to make Real Estate his Full time job.

Despite the challenges in life and in real estate, he’s always positive and actively seeks to continue to grow both personally and professionally.  Over the past year, he has been extremely active with local, state and national Veteran organizations including volunteering for fundraisers, supplying flags to local area schools and doing what he can to provide comfort and support to his fellow Veterans.


After years of prodding this person to step into the leadership position for MCAR, he has shown a strong compassion to help and support his fellow members of MCAR.  On a daily basis, he puts his clients and the general public ahead of his plans.  Except the possibility of interfering with quality time away from his Grandchildren and Children, he always seems make time to help someone when in need. He may grumble a bit, but he still jumps in with both feet to get the job done. Being the Greenridge Greenville office rep for the Greenridge Dream Team for Make A Wish, he is actively involved with fundraisers and volunteering for various events.

He is a Country style Gentleman who says it like it is, in the best possible way.  People that know him would say that he’s friendly, a hard worker, and cares deeply about the needs of others.  It excites him when he has the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives through real estate and volunteering.


While this person has only been licensed a little over 3 years, he hit the ground running!  Quiet at first, he has worked hard to grow both personally and professionally and with a new licensee’s perspective this person’s contributions to MCAR board meetings have been appreciated.  He’s always willing to help in whatever ways he can and he’s very proactive in meetings and round tables at his Brokerage.

This year has been his best year yet in real estate while juggling a young family and volunteering at his kiddo’s schools.  Great things are expected from this person in 2018 and beyond!


Through several transactions each year, some more challenging than others, this company continues to stand out as being highly engaging throughout the transactions.  No matter the difficulties, this company works hard to make sure everything can go as smoothly as possible making the transactions as relaxing as possible for all parties involved.  Their willingness to answer any and all questions that either side of the transaction has, is much appreciated as is their willingness to educate agents on the process so they may be better prepared to help their clients more effectively in the future!

This award will be given to the REALTOR® who has been in licensed and a member of a local, state and national association less than 18 months whom possess a true sense of professionalism and ethical behavior as well as a positive spirit in the industry and community.

The recipient of this award should possess a true sense of professionalism and ethical behavior and a positive spirit in the industry and community; A strong commitment to their industry, associations(s) and or community through various examples that may include: MCAR Board or Committee Member, State or National Board Member or Committee Member and/or Women’s Council of REALTORS® Member, including attendance at various REALTOR® related events; Participation in civic activities, including service clubs, charity, fraternal or religious groups; and or other notable business accomplishments.

The REALTOR® of the Year Award is the highest honor an Association can award to a member.  Nominees for this award should have a high level of participation in the Local Association as well as the State and/or National Associations;  A strong commitment to both personal and professional development and growth through continued education, Association committee and/or community service; Dedication to the growth and advancement of the industry; and other business accomplishments.  The recipient of this award also serves as a nomination to the State and National Association’s REALTOR® of the Year Awards.

The recipient of this award should possess a high level of service, professionalism and ethical behavior with a strong commitment to the growth and advancement of the industry and the community.  This Affiliate may also be very active with the local, state, and/or national Associations.

2017 Awards & General Membership Meeting

Thank you to our sponsors, Best Homes Title and Sidney State Bank for another fantastic Awards and General Membership Meeting, this year being held at the Candlestone Resort in Belding!! It was wonderful to have Greenville Mayor Pro Tem, Fran Scheuleit, join us to perform the installation of officers ceremony and the Greenville Village Green Singers were fantastic as always! I wanted to say a quick thank you to our 2017 Board who volunteer to serve on behalf of their fellow Realtors oftentimes without a thank you, or a pat on the back. They do it because they care about their industry and this Association. THANK YOU all for all that you do for MCAR and the industry! You are appreciated! Also, welcome to the 2018 Board! I look forward to working with you! And lastly, big thanks to Curt Hausser with Appleland Realty for these great photos of our event! I appreciate you spending your time and talents with us so that we can ‘remember when’ someday down the road! Thanks, Curt!


2016 Award Winners

2016 Rookie of the Year – Andrea Belding

2016 Distinguished Service Award – Dawn Phillips

2016 Realtor® of the Year – Mike Satterlee

2016 Affiliate of the Year – Apollo Mortgage

(Photographed with 2016 President, Nancy Vanas)

(Photographed with 2016 President, Nancy Vanas)

(Photographed with MCAR CEO, Andrea Booker)

WHAT THE NOMINATORS SAID ABOUT THEM: This person hit the ground running as soon as they came to their office, dedicated and determined to be a great advocate for their clients in all ways.  This is on top of her commitment to giving back to her community. She has already closed 14 transactions totaling almost $1.5 million in volume.  With a month to go, and a handful of pendings, she has a chance to eclipse $2 million in production for her rookie year.  She is eager to learn, poised to be successful, and genuinely takes care of her clients.  She’s always present at brokerage meetings and roundtables, contributing positive ideas and discussion. The sky is the limit for her and she will be a great agent for the foreseeable future.  Congratulations, Andrea Belding, with Coldwell Banker Weir Manuel Hoppough, Greenville!

WHAT THE NOMINATORS SAID ABOUT THEM: After much hesitation, this person maybe even reluctantly, put their name into the hat for MCAR leadership.  She was nervous about “not having any experience” and had mentioned many times that she probably wouldn’t talk too much until she learned more about it.  Apparently that didn’t take too long as she hit the ground running with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.   Although much out of her comfort zone initially, she’s flourished as an advocate for the Association and this year’s Kids Against Hunger Event.  Her dedication, commitment, and many hours put into making the event the great success that it was, was greatly appreciated!  Thank you for all of your efforts, Dawn!  Congratulations!

WHAT THE NOMINATORS SAID ABOUT THEM:  In the last few years (and maybe even longer) this person as been a strong advocator for not only his client’s property rights, but also of the Association.  After a little prodding ‘back in the day’ to get him involved, but once soon he was hooked on giving back and supporting the industry in whatever ways he could.  Being a very active REALTOR in business, and a full time farmer, he still makes the time to serve his REALTOR members through Association leadership.  Sometimes he may grumble a bit, but he still does the job at hand.  This person is also extremely active with their ‘Greenridge Make a Wish Dream Team.  He spends many hours representing their local office in this program as the representative.But throughout everything, having the time or not, he makes the time to help whenever and wherever he’s needed.  He cares deeply about this industry and this Association and represents both very well.

WHAT THE NOMINATORS SAID ABOUT THEM: Although all of our Affiliates strive to provide excellent services in all ways, including their communication efforts, this Affiliate goes above and beyond to help our REALTOR members connect clients with their piece of the American Dream.  Throughout this year, they’ve been the first Affiliates to ask the Association if they can sponsor various events, or if we could bring various educational opportunities to our members.  Whenever the Association has needed anything, this Affiliate has been the first one to raise their hands and say, “absolutely, we can help”.  Their support of the Association and all that we do, helps to keep costs low for many things including our General Membership Meetings.  What’s also so greatly appreciated of them, is their willingness to come up with ideas of their that could benefit the Association and our members.  We couldn’t do what we do as an Association without the awesome support of Affiliates like this company.  THANK YOU and Congratulations to Mike Morozowich and Chanda Rhodes with Apollo Mortgage!